Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm back!!

Okay this is my attempt at getting caught up on my blog from the last year and half. It's my new goal to blog at least once a month, wish me luck. Lot's of picture's to follow and not in great order but I did my best so hopefully you can follow.
(Teams came up with their own names so I apologize!)
These first picture's are from our Valentine's Minute to Win it Party. It was so fun! I wish I had taken more picture's but we were to busy having fun! I'd recommend doing this theme party to everyone!
Ty and Jennifer
Hubby and I
Dusty and Laura
Erica and Travis
Marie and Clark
Kevin and Kara
Aubrey turned 10, cannot believe I have a child in double digits. Time slow down, please!
Swimming party at the community center.
Aubrey Paige 10 years old
Ground Hogs Day Dinner ate on the ground
groundhog dirt holes
groundhog meatloaf
Snow for 6 more weeks of winter

yes that's suppose to be a groundhog :)
Valentine's sock advent, the girls loved it
Ledger bath time
New years 2012
2011 Christmas nativity
Gingerbread houses
Ledger in mommy's bed
5 k

Blessing Day

Christmas 2011

Jeremy's 25 Birthday
Halloween 2011 Jentry-Belle, Lacey-Angel, & Aubrey-gypsy
Thanksgiving in Minneapolis
American Girl Cafe, my girls were in heaven
What a sport daddy was squeezing in there :)

Aubrey was in the High School play The King and I

So handsome

Jentry turned 5 August 22

First day of school 2nd and 4th grade, is that really possible?!

October 6th, 2011
Ledger Stone Lyons
7lbs 10oz
We are so in love with this little guy!

Easter 2012

Lacey turned 7 June 4th

Moved into our new home May 2011

Easter 2011 Dying easter eggs
Christmas Family Photo 2010

Aubrey turned 9

Christmas 2010

Celebrated Christmas with a few friends and their families.
Mcbrides, Fullmers, Us, and Tolmans.
The girls
Santa came to visit early

Sugar cookie time
Jeremy's work christmas party
Halloween 2010
Lacey-Pippi, Aubrey-Dorothy, and Jentry-Dora
Halloween 2010 we did an 80's murder mystery party it was fun and funny.
Clark our victim
the gang
Marie & Clark
Levi & Kelsey
Me & Jeremy
Sammie & Drew
Kevin & Kara
Steven & Sarah
Paul & Cindy
Jessica & Stacy
Ok well that about does it I think. I'm sure I forgot some stuff but I just have to make sure to keep up on it now. Here's to my monthlyblogs!!