Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mexico here we come!!

So finally I think I have caught up on my blog! Not much has gone on so that's why there are only 2 new ones(3 including this :) I've decided I need to take more pictures.
Anyways we are just getting ready to go on our cruise. We leave for the Mexican Riviera on Saturday. We are going with our friends The Avila's who we have been friends with from pre-kids. We love them and always have a great time with them! We are so excited and can't wait!! I will have lot's of picture's to post of that when we get back, so stay tuned and I promise it won't be 2 months til my next post, what a slacker I am!!

We love Grandma Lisa!!

She makes these socks with beads crocheted in all different colors, so cute!!
And these gloves have the same beaded crochet my girls love theirs, that's why they look a little old cause they love to wear them.
She also crocheted these cute hates for them. I love them and so do the girls!

These are just some of the things my wonderful Mom (or as Jentry calls her "Grandma Eesa") has made the girls. She is so amazingly talented and we love her so much. Thanks for all the fun stuff Grandma. Also she is making pettiskirts for them for there Easter "dresses". I am so excited they are the cutest things ever. If you've never heard of them you can look them up on www.belleamepettiskirts.com. I will post pictures of them later!

Aubrey's Birthday Party

All Ready for cupcakes and ice cream, yum!!
All the girls and oh yeah our dog for a week.
Opening presents!!!
The car ride there, back Anabel, Erica, and Lily and the front seat Raylyn, Sydney and Shelby.
The second Saturday in Jan. we had a birthday party for Aubrey. If we do it sooner everyones out of town for Christmas or New Years just a thing we've learned over the years. She had six friends and then our 3 girls and we went to the movies to see "High School Musical 3". You may think we were crazy and at first I thought we were too but it was actually the cheapest, easiest birthday I've ever done :) I can't believe Aubrey is seven already and will be baptized next year, but let's not think about that. She is a great little girl so smart and such a good helper to me. We love you Aubrey!!