Wednesday, April 15, 2009

North Dakota.......

Well it looks like Jeremy's job will be taking us to North Dakota. This will for sure be an adjustment. We are not too excited about the move but are grateful that Jeremy still has a job. He will be leaving next Wednesday. The girls and I will wait for Aubrey to get out of school in June, then probably stay with my mom for the summer so that we can go to our family reunion and my class reunion. Well wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. It will be an adventure!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CRUISE!! Warning there are alot of pictures!

These are backwards so you may want to start at the bottom, enjoy :)
The girls enjoying the gifts!
Jammie's winnings from the craps table.
Jeremy made it to the blackjack tournament finals, lost but had fun!
Danielle and Jammie were on the Marriage gameshow, it was so funny
The guys played water volleyball all week and then they played the staff on the last day and killed them. They were so excited for the game that they bought these masks ahead of time and put them on for the game point. It was so funny.

Hey watch where your pointing that thing!!
Suppose to be relaxing
My hotel they just spelled it wrong :)
It wasn't even a bull but we had fun pretending to ride the saddle.

Our ship in the background.
Our cabin, I guess there too small to call them rooms.
One of the many dinning rooms.
Puerto Vallarta
Jammie's new friend
Jeremy on the zipline.
Me with Sancho ha ha
Getting ready for the zipline. It was so much fun!!
Driving the scary bus ride to the zipline.
First formal night and a 17 course meal, crazy!
Dinnertime again, yes we ate alot, too much.Getting ready to Board the ship.
Setting sail out on the Avila's balcony
Our first dinner there.Our first trivia we won, with our famous team name "The Banana Hammocks"
Waiting for the comedy show.
We just got back on Sunday from our cruise to Mexico. We went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo. We had an amazing time eating lot's of yummy food, laying in the sun, swimming, playing games and eating more. It was so much fun but we are happy to be home with our girls ,who we missed so much, and to be back in our beds!!

Temple Square

Jentry at the Beehive house.
Around and around and around!
It was really cold.
My 3 girls

Our happy family minus Jentry :(
We took the girls to Grandma Lisa's while we were on our cruise and stopped at Temple Square on the way there to show the girls. Even though it was super cold outside we still had a great time and topped it off with dinner at Rumbi. I love that place! (and temple square too)