Friday, June 27, 2008

Lacey's 4 year old picture

Today we finally went to Kiddie Kandids to do Lacey's 4 year old picture's. Normally I would have done it right around here birthday which was the the 4th of June(I know I am crazy), but with her cast and everything we had to wait til we got it off. Anyways, we also need to take her to the doctor to get her eyes checked because one keeps going cross when she focuses on things far away. So needless to say we were lucky we got one cute picture of her with no crossed eyes :). We love our Lacey and are so thankful that she is in our family.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love to be a mommy!

I just love to be a mommy I have the best little girls ever. Since summer started we decided to do different things each day of the week. On monday we do baking so we have a treat for family night. Tuesday we have art day which is trick for me because I'm not all that artsy fartsy. Wednesday we have library day, which is great cause it's free. Thursday we are having pen pal day, we have lot's of people to keep in touch with and the girls love to get mail in return. Friday is our game day. Now when I say "day" it really only lasts about an hour if there lucky. But I am trying :) I am truly so thankful to be able to stay home and be with my girls all day. My husband is the best and I am grateful that he makes that possible for me, love you honey!!

Lacey turned 4

Lacey turned 4 on the fourth so it was a busy day with Aubrey's graduation also. We had her birthday party the following saturday. It was her first friend party and she loved it. She wanted a Luau so we did limbo, pass the tiki doll(like hot potatoe), pin the tail on the donkey(yeah I know doesn't really go, but they loved it), and we had a mermaid pinata. They all had a great time and I am just glad it is all over :)

Aubrey graduated from kindergarten

Aubrey graduated from kindergarten on June 4th, it's really crazy how time flies. She had a grat year and we really loved her school and teacher. She is a little nervous for first grade but we know she will do great. She is such a smart girl and really loves to learn. We love you Aubrey!!

Lacey broke her leg!!

We took a trip to visit Grandma Lisa in Lehi, Utah. We got there Friday night and while jumping on the trampoline Saturday night she broke her leg it wasn't a complete break it was more of a bend, but she still had to get a coll pink cast. One more week of the cast then she can take it off. The fun never ends with her!!