Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mt. Rushmore and more.....

Jentry and Laney
Let's go!!

Put'em up, Put'em up!
One of Aubrey's favorite movies.
Jentry being a stinker.
Most of the kiddos, together we had 11 kids.
Aubrey and Mason
Jentry and Laney
The tunnel to Winnie The Pooh
Melissa, Jeremy and Laney
The big bad wolf.

Stand up straight!
Lacey got to take the liar's test.

The Dad's trying to hold the kids in the Picture.
The lighting of Mt Rushmore, horrible photo.

Wind caves

Jentry did not want to want, Jeremy didn't want to carry her, she won.

Riding the tram to the slides.

Showing our North Dakota Pride.

Aubrey was really excited ;)


We had a ton of turkey's in our campgroud, there where like 10 right there but they were everywhere also.

For Labor Day this year we decided to take a family trip to Mt. Rushmore. We went camping at a great little camp ground Kemps Kamp in Keystone, South Dakota it was a great location. We went with 2 other families and had so much fun. We left friday and got there around 7:00 we got our camp ground all set up and headed out for Mexican food that night for dinner. Saturday we headed to Mt. Rushmore which was only 10 minutes away. It was really awesome. Then headed back to camp for lunch and a little swimming. When everyone was rested and feed we headed over to the Alpine slide. It's a huge slide that you take a tram up to and slide down on a sled type thing, so fun, the kids had a blast, so did the adults. Then back to camp for taco salad. Sunday we had breakfast burritos for breakfast before we went to the wind caves, it's the 4th longest cave in the world. It was really cool but I did get a little claustrophobic(sp). Then we drove by Crazy Horse. Then we visited The Flinstones Amusement Park for lunch it was a really cute place. Then headed back to camp to get ready for the lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. They have a whole program and it made me a little emotional, very neat. Then headed back for hamburgers and hot dogs for a late dinner. Monday we got all packed up and went to Cosmos Mystery area. Some say its a hoax but we thought it was entertaining and I'm a believer! We then headed to our last stop before heading home, Story Book Island. The kids had a ball. It was a huge park with story book characters and lot's of toys to play on and a little train ride too. We had a great time and are looking to more family trips that aren't just to visit family. Family's great but these other trips are great too. We are looking forward to our trip to Vegas in October and then to Minneapolis in November. Mall of America here we come, oh and Chicago Bears game too!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I know I really stink at blogging!

We went to a little fair in town.

We had snow in June the girls were excited, me not so much!

Aubrey Montana
Lacey Montana
Jentry Montana
Lacey turned 5 in our 5th wheel.
So we made it to Dickinson, North Dakota. We got here on May 31st. We couldn't find a house to rent so we lived in a 5th wheel trailer for 4 weeks and some friends in the ward let us house sit for them for 2 weeks til we finally found a house to move into on July 15th. We have a great little branch here with great people. We had snow in June and a tornado in July. I guess it keeps life interesting. We are getting settled and getting the girls ready to start school on the 26th. Aubrey will start 2nd grade and Lacey will go to kindergarten which is all day which I have mixed emotions about. They are so excited and counting the days til it's time. We have great friends here already and so far are enjoying our time here. I'll report about that again later when the weather is snowy and 40 degrees below. So there's my update for now I promise to do the next one sooner!