Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date

The town put on a Daddy Daughter Dance this weekend, well being as I am Mother of the Year I turned the form in too late, they were disappointed to say the least.  So Mom and Dad together planned a wonderful night.  First I got princess crowns for all of them, curled their hair, put makeup on and waited for their date to arrive. Jeremy borrowed his bosses big truck that has six doors and looks like a limo and he came to the door with flowers to pick them up.  After pictures they were on there way to dinner.  After dinner they headed off to their own special dance room we had set up earlier with twinkle lights and music.  After dancing the night away, they got so yummy dessert.  When they got home they reported that it was the best night ever and way better then the previous years dance they did get to go to.  I'm so glad it was a success and they all had a great time.  Doing Mommy/daughter and Daddy/Daughter dates is something we are trying to squeeze into our schedules lately.  With this new baby everyone is seeming to need a little extra attention. :) 
 The date picking them up for the evening.
 Daddy and Aubrey
 Daddy and Lacey
 Daddy and Jentry

 Mom can we go already!!
 Waiting to be seated
 With Daddy

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